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Rajnath Singh Castigate for ‘baseless’ Allegations Against Christians

ICC Note

The president of BJP, the main opposition political party in India , called for constitutional amendment to ban conversion of Hindus calling such conversion “a threat to internal security.” His statement was criticized by a Christian leader.

By Babu Thomas

11/05/2009 India (Christian Today India)-The anti-Christian tirade of BJP President Rajnath Singh last month was strongly rebuked by the spokesperson of the Catholic Church in Madhya Pradesh, Fr Anand Muttungal.

At a function on Oct. 28, Rajnath criticized Christians for religious conversion and called for an amendment in the Constitution to curb the same.

Sharply reacting to the statements, Fr Anand, in a letter, castigated the BJP chief for inciting Hindus by raising the slogan of conversion. He said the party “did not have any attractive slogan to draw the support of Hindus to the next electoral battle.”

The priest cautioned that the Constitution of India guarantees freedom of religion and if it was not observed then “it will weaken the foundation of our country.”


To this, Fr Anand questioned Rajnath’s knowledge about conversions happening around the world and apprised that there were large numbers of foreigners joining Hinduism, Islam etc.

“There are no restrictions in the Christian majority countries against conversion. If you feel that conversion into non-Indian religion cause internal security, it will be very kind of you if you can specify in the case of Christians to which country will they pay allegiance because there are many countries with Christian majority,” he responded.

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