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Indonesia :It Isn’t Working

ICC Note

Radical Islam is posing threat to the peace and security of Indonesia as well as to the freedom of Christians to worship freely.

11/03/2009 Indonesia ( far, police have killed or arrested 21 people involved in the July 17 terrorist attacks in the capital. This, the police believes, effectively wipes out one of the better led terrorist groups still operating in Indonesia . But because the top people refused to be taken alive (often committing suicide when the police closed in), it’s been difficult to find out how many other Islamic terror cells are still in the country. Captured documents indicated that there were still hundreds of actual or potential recruits, and some of these people are now being watched. There are still thousands of Indonesians willing to use violence in support of their religious beliefs.

In Aceh, an attempt by Islamic conservatives to impose a ban against women wearing pants, has backfired. There was considerable backlash, not just from a lot of women, but from many Islamic clerics as well. The Islamic radicals, defeated in their attempt to use violence to establish an Islamic dictatorship, are now trying to do it the slow way. But that still requires the use of intimidation and violence, and it isn’t working.

October 16, 2009: In West Java, Islamic radicals threatened violence against local authorities, and forced them to cancel permission for local Christians to build a church.

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