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Indian Christian Social activist pleads law enforcement agencies, organizations and Christian leaders to provide him justice for the atrocities posed on him

ICC Note:

Indian Christian asking for justice in Maharastra, citing abuses and lack of law enforcement

By James Varghese

10/23/09 India (ANS) — Social activist Shyam Kamble lives in Katav village, Miraj district in Maharashtra state, India. He comes from a Dalit (low caste) community. There are around 200 Dalits (untouchables) in his village.

Even after many years of freedom to India, these Dalits are oppressed and looked down by the high caste people in this village. They are not even allowed to enter the temples or public places, cut hair in a barbershop and even draw water from the public wells and bore wells. Untouchability still prevails in this village.

At present, Shyam Kamble works for an international organization in India called Freedom Firm where he decided to work for the rescue and justice of minor girls forced into prostitution.

He has been serving in different Christian organizations for over 13 years. During his service, he has rescued hundreds of minor girls forced into prostitution and to provide them Justice. He has done a tremendous work in the field of anti-human trafficking.

He has worked all over India and much of his work the red light districts of Maharashtra state. He has closely worked along with Maharashtra state police. He often gives credit for his rescue operations to a great Christian leader Dr. Abraham Mathai (Vice president, Maharashtra State Minority Commission) who has always been a great help in establishing contacts with politicians and police and he always remains grateful for his help and support.

For a few years now, he has been facing trouble from the local high caste villagers. Just recently, as he went to cast his vote during an election, a few high caste people of his village abused him with bad words and tried to beat him up. But they did not harm him but they threatened him.

After this incident, Shyam Kamble brought this matter to the notice of the local police and requested them to register a complaint against these people. But instead of registering a complaint on these goons, a counter complaint on Shyam Kamble was filed. Now the police remain silent on this incident that happened on him.

So Shyam Kamble took this matter before the Director General of Police (the supreme head of the Police Force), the Minority Commission and the politicians of Maharashtra state. Over two days he strived in Mumbai to meet with these officials and politicians but his plea was never heard and he came back home depressed and dejected.

Speaking to ANS, Shyam Kamble said “I have been serving the people of Maharashtra state for 13 years by helping the victims of forced prostitution and those suffering injustice. I worked for justice for others but I, myself, am facing injustice from these people of my village. I took this matter to several influential people and none responded or felt pity to deal with this issue and provide me justice.”

“For two days I was in Mumbai trying to meet with concerned people regarding this but I could not see or get any source of help. After spending a great amount of money on this, I reached home without any help. Hence I appeal Christian organizations and Christian leaders working for the cause of the Dalits and in power to take my cause and provide me with justice”

Let’s encourage people with commitment for ministry like Shyam Kamble by helping them in their difficult times and hence making them stand for the Justice of many others.