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Tussle mounts over Muslim-backed resolution

ICC Notes:

UN Defamation of Religions resolution opposes religious freedom and will inevitably induce broader persecution of Christians, especially under Islamic regimes. Opens Doors USA is actively working to repeal this resolution.

By: Allie Martin

10/21/2009 Islam (OneNewsNow) – A grassroots movement calling for the defeat of a U.N. resolution is gaining momentum.

The United Nations will soon introduce a “defamation of religions” resolution that many believe will undermine religious liberty and personal safety of Christians and other faith groups. The resolution — driven by the Organisation of The Islamic Conference, an association of 56 Islamic states promoting Muslim solidarity — would criminalize words or actions that could be deemed to be against a particular religion.

Open Doors USA is spearheading a movement to defeat the resolution, which has been introduced every year since 1999 at the U.N. by the group of Islamic countries.

Dr. Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors USA, says although Christian persecution is widespread, there is always hope.

“Christians face great opposition for their belief in Jesus. And yet, Rome was overthrown [and] the Soviet Union collapsed as an oppressive force against Christianity,” he points out. “And we believe that the power of prayer and the power of the church united will also bring true freedom and liberation to the millions living in the Middle East today.”

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