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Inter-faith Conversation Bridges Ethnic Divides: Bob Fu Speaks in Washington DC

ICC Note:

Bob Fu discusses the truth, despite its sometimes painful work, to be the weapon against persecution at an inter-faith conference in Washington, D.C.

10/12/09 China (ChinaAid) Bob Fu joined the voices of other Chinese expatriates on Thursday, October 8, to reunite with fellow Chinese freedom advocates at the Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Conference in Washington DC, and to promote healing and reconciliation at the Heritage Foundation’s Panel on Resolving Ethnic and Religious Tensions, held in Washington DC.

Bob shared his personal testimony of fearing other Chinese ethnic and religious groups, and the transformative power of faith, in breaking down ethnic prejudices to unite with brothers and sisters of faith who have experienced persecution for their faith. At one time, he admitted he considered Uyghur Muslims, members of the Falun Gong, and other minority faiths to be “poison,” a prejudice learned from childhood which he rejected after spending time with advocates from these faiths since he arrived in the United States.

Read the Bob Fu’s Full Speech at the Inter-Ethnic/ Inter-Religious Conference in Washington DC.

In the afternoon at the panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation, he recalled the spirit of his earlier speech, reprising the need to balance the “healthy tension” of state power and freedom, and to encourage the protection of diverse religious faith traditions in China. “I firmly believe that citizens of any country, and living in any area, have the clear responsibility to work for this healthy tension – for the sake of freedom, for the sake of the next generation.”

He acknowledged human rights to be “painful work” and adhered to truth as the center of faith and freedom. “Right words are strong – even ultimately stronger than the force of cruel repression. We may sometimes find that truth also hurts us … it hurts as it cuts down the walls we create to protect our image, our comfort, our ego, our loyalties, our assumptions about what we could do or what mankind is.”

our assumptions about what we could do or what mankind is.”

Read Bob Fu’s full Speech at the Heritage Foundation.

In the end, the truth, as painful as it is, becomes the weapon against persecution, and the incentive to pursue religious freedom for all.

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