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Chinese human-rights activist lauded

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The story of Fang Zheng, a Christian and Chinese athelete who lost his legs saving a fellow student in the Tiananmen Square incident, is helping to raise awareness of China’s human rights abuses in America.

10/14/09 China (OneNewsNow) The story of a Chinese Christian who has raised awareness of human-rights abuses in communist China is being heard in America.

Fang Zheng, a Christian and a top Chinese athlete in 1989, had been chosen to represent China in the Olympics, but his dream was destroyed in the Tiananmen Square riots. Fang participated in the demonstration and was there when the Chinese army was sent after the people. He pushed a fellow student out of the way of an oncoming tank and, in the process, lost his legs.

Subsequently, he focused on other track events but was warned by the Chinese government not to tell how he lost his legs. He refused.

Recently, Fang spoke with U.S. congressmen and others in an attempt to reveal the human-rights violations committed by the Chinese government. He is currently seeking asylum in the U.S. for fear of returning to his home country. His efforts have been recognized by numerous human-rights groups, ministries, and congressmen.

“He is really working to raise awareness of athletes and the whole human-rights issue,” Kahler says.

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