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The Oppression of Linfen-Fushan Church Continues

ICC Note:

Update on the Fushan Church in China. Officials held a meeting on October 3rd to discuss whether or not the church would be charged as an “evil cult,” but finally deemed the 50,000 member church to be legitimate. However, they have accused the pastor and his wife of “gross violations and law-breaking actions” over the past ten years and justify holding them and eight other church leaders in administrative detention.

10/7/09 China (ChinaAid) Huozhou City officials met on October 3rd to discuss results of the emergency meeting held on September 28th, where officials assembled to determine whether Linfen Fushan Church would be charged as an “evil cult.”

On October 3rd, the Religious Affairs Bureau of Huozhou (RAB) deemed the 50,000 member church to legitimate, but the government reported they would no longer tolerate the “gross violations and law-breaking actions” of Pastor Wang Xiaoguang and his wife Yang Rongli over the past ten years. The RAB reportedly listed these violations, but no legal record of these abuses have been issued or confirmed. According to an inside source, the officials expressed satisfaction that the ten church leaders were being held in their “rightful place” in administrative detention, and the government resolved that the situation must be fully “dealt with” in the upcoming weeks.

Though a state military numbers have decreased slightly in the past two weeks, ten police vehicles are still stationed at the main Fushan Church around the clock, barring members from entry and assembly.

ChinaAid calls on the international community to voice their concerns on behalf of the Fushan church leaders, and the increasingly repressed peoples of faith in China.

Voice your concerns directly to the Chinese government;

Secretary of Linfen City, Shanxi Province: +0-357-202-6513 (phone)

Committee of Fanshan Town: +0-357-812-2131 (phone)

Secretary of Linfen Committee Office: +0-357-209-0427 (phone)

Mayor of Linfen City: +0-357-209-1044

Office of United Front Work in Linfen: +0357-209-0527

Linfen Bureau of Public Security: +0-357-218-8317

Linfen Office of Petition: +0-357-209-1341

Secretary of Fushan Town: +0-357-812-6099

Director of Funshan Town: +0-357-813-6099

Fushan Office of United Front Work: +0-357-812-1142

Fushan Bureau of Pubic Security: +0-357-812-6199

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