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Filipinos cling to their Christian faith during crisis

ICC Note:

Please pray for the church in the Philippines to draw nearer to the Father as they rebuild their lives.

10/5/09 Philippines (AFP) “God is my family’s only hope,” the odd-job labourer told AFP. He had saved enough money to commute from his flooded home in the devastated Taguig district across town to the popular Baclaran Church for Sunday mass.

“We lost everything, and my house is still partially under water but I’m still thankful to God that my family is safe,” he said, echoing a refrain among survivors of the floods that swamped Manila and its environs on September 26.

As the Philippines deals with the storm and a typhoon exactly a week later that combined killed more than 300 people, many are clinging to their Christian faith once again for comfort and, most of all, hope.

While Roman Catholic and Protestant churches offered special prayers for the victims, many of their members were actively involved in accepting and distributing relief goods.

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