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China – 60 Years of Persecution and Enmity

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As China celebrates 60 years of communist rule, others are remembering 60 years of persecution and oppression. House church leaders have taken the brunt of the government’s “preparation” for this special event. And yet, in New York, the Empire State Building is lit red and yellow to honor the communist regime’s anniversary.

10/1/09 China (OneNewsNow) As China celebrates 60 years of communist rule, house church leaders in that country are facing an increase in persecution.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover of China. While the country has planned a number of events and activities, officers with the Public Security Bureau are cracking down on some Christian house church leaders.

Last week, nine house church leaders were kidnapped by PSB officers. The church leaders, who have not been heard from since, were heading to Beijing to petition the central government for justice concerning an attack earlier in the month on a house church in Fushan City.

“I’m sure [during the celebration] you will see all the bells and whistles come out,” she says. “They’re pulling out all the stops for this national day of celebration. But just keep in mind that the images of the celebration and the parties and everything cannot forever hide all the injustices and abuse in China.”

Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s candidate for president last year, has written several columns on the 60th anniversary of the communist regime. He thinks it is important to remember the number of Chinese citizens who perished during the brutal communist takeover of China. (Listen to audio report)

“When you look at the potential harm that we, the United States, have allowed China to do to us, [it] portends I think great harm to our country,” Baldwin cautions. “And until we have a Congress [and] a White House in Washington, DC, that are willing to stand up to this regime and not coddle them, I just have some real bad feelings about the future.”

At least one Democratic lawmaker — Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York — criticized those in charge of the Empire State Building for the recent decision to light the famous landmark red and yellow to honor the communist regime’s 60th anniversary.

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