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Pakistani Christians Under Attack

ICC Note

Islamic extremists kill, rape, and perpetrate other forms of human rights violations against Christian minorities in Pakistan .

By Faith J. H. McDonnell

08/21/2009 Pakistan (Front Page Magazine)-We’ve seen it before. Perhaps the most dramatic examples in recent history of that particular insanity prevalent in Islamism were the Danish cartoon “protests.” Global riots, mayhem, and murder – because of some splotches of ink on paper.

Currently, false blasphemy accusations led to open season on Christians in Pakistan ’s Punjab Province . Korian, home to about 100 families, was destroyed on the night of July 30 because Islamists accused a Christian family of desecrating the Koran. Two days later, the same unfounded rumor resulted in three Christian women and a child being burned alive in the northeastern Punjab town of Gojra . At least ten others were also killed as Islamists set fire to houses and shops. Then on August 5 in Sheikhupura, a Christian factory owner and two others were killed by an enraged mob when workers accused their employer of desecrating the Koran.

Pakistan ’s blasphemy laws provide justification for atrocities such as these against the tiny Christian population, as well as against fellow Muslims. It is quite useful when involved in a property dispute to be able to accuse one’s infidel opponent of blasphemy against Islam. Whether or not he is convicted, the accused may be killed by mobs. And those whose sentence is overturned have to flee the country anyway, leaving property behind. It is also easy to put an uppity Christian dhimmi in his place using the blasphemy law. In one such incident a few years ago, an incensed ice cream vendor accused a Christian of defaming Mohammed when he had the nerve to ask why he could not eat ice cream from the same bowl used by a Muslim.

On Thursday, July 30, clerics announced from the village mosque that “if any infidel Christian wanted to save his or her life, then get out of here or they would be killed,” the eye-witness said. The ensuing attack was carried out by a mob equipped with firearms and explosives. According to one witness, the mob first looted the homes and then “used trucks to break the walls and petrol to start the fires.” Sixty houses and two churches were totally destroyed and all the livestock was stolen. Members of the mob also blockaded the road leading to the village, refusing entry to firefighters and police. The Christians who had fled hid in the fields until 3:00 A.M. the next day when relatives arrived with vehicles to take them to safety.

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