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Beaten Down and Standing Strong

Gospel for Asia
08/10/09 SOUTH ASIA (ANS) — Tanuja has always known what it means to struggle, but the bruises from her mother’s hands represent something new: she’s never had to struggle alone.

Raised in an impoverished farming village, Tanuja has spent much of her life working to help support her family. Her father died when she was 13, leaving her mother to provide for three children in a place where people toil for long hours to provide bare necessities.

Like most in the village, her family has been firm in their devotion to idols and strongly opposed to the Christian faith. But when Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Jigar Pillai began telling villagers about his unique faith, 18-year-old Tanuja wondered if she could find hope in Jesus. She invited Jigar to come to her house and explain more about the God he serves.

When Tanuja’s mother came home to find the missionary presenting the Gospel, she scolded him and her daughter, warning Jigar to not come back. Tanuja, however, was captivated by what she’d already heard. She continued talking to Jigar at other places and reading the Gospel tracts he gave her. Soon after she was reprimanded for even speaking with a believer, Tanuja decided to receive Christ herself.

Tanuja’s mother beat her severely, but the young woman has stood strong in her faith. Although her family considers her an embarrassment, Tanuja made a public declaration of faith and is finding support at her new church.

Please pray that God will grant Tanuja strength to persevere in this hard situation, and that her family and the others in the village will decide to follow Christ. Also pray that God will continue to bless Jigar’s ministry and bring many more to Himself through him.