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Rebel accused of Philippines pillage arrested: police

ICC Note:

A Muslim commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been arrested in the Philippines due to his believed link to a series of deadly attacks against Christian settler communities.

6/26/09 Philippines (MSN) A Muslim guerrilla leader linked to a series of deadly raids against Christian settler communities in the southern Philippines has been arrested, police said Friday.
Police raided two safehouses on the outskirts of Marawi city early Thursday and detained Tagoranao Mangondaya, commander of a “terrorist” unit of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) after a brief firefight in one of the targeted buildings, a police statement said.

The Mindanao assault followed a Supreme Court ruling that outlawed a draft peace agreement offered by President Gloria Arroyo to the MILF to end decades of rebellion in the south of the largely Roman Catholic nation.
The outlawed draft treaty would have given the large Muslim minority political control over large swathes of the south, which Christian politicians alleged would have been disproportionate to the sectarian profile of the region’s population

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