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Hmong Chaofa Indigenous Territories Call for the Governments of Vietnam and the Lao PDR to Demilitarize

ICC Note:
Representatives of the Hmong people in the Xaysomboun Special Zone have issued an open letter calling on Vietnam and the Lao PDR to demilitarize. The letter accuses both governments of destroying crops, surrounding villages, using assassination and starvation tactics, and even chemical warfare – stating, “Their goal is to wipe us out by the end of 2009.”

6/16/09 Vietnam, Laos (EWorldWire) The following is issued as an open letter to the public by the Hmong Chaofa Federation State Congress of World Hmong People, from Xaysomboun Special Zone (‘‘) (International Communication no. 614/99):

Where as, we, the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous People and Leaders, live in the Xaysombun Special Zone Territories, appears to Congress of World Hmong People to support this calling to be known to the international community that both, the governments of Vietnam and Lao PDR continue committing war crimes against humanity and continuing violating the fundamental human rights and the international bill of rights.

Both governments are organizing a joint-cooperation of their conventional armies to secretly using all necessary means destroying and waging war crimes against innocent families and children. From March of 2009 to the present time, they again, continue to occupy and colonize our territories, destroying our crops, surrounding us, using assassination and starvation tactics, and chemical warfare.

Currently, the Lao PDR battalions 209, 596, 597, 598 – including battalion 16 volunteer – in cooperation with Vietnam battalions 409, 117 and 462, are colonizing, occupying, and surrounding the Special Zone.

Their goal is to wipe us out by the end of 2009.

This racist regime has long caused families and children to suffer social, cultural and economic crisis. The people need peace, security, stability and economic empowerments.

The Congress of World Hmong People and the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous Leaders, call upon both governments, Vietnam and Laos PDR, to demilitarize from the Xaysombun Special Zone within 30 days to ensure a humane and secure transition for the people.

Both governments must comply with all forms of the Geneva Conventions, its Protocols, and the International Bill of Rights.

To this TRUTH, we signed and witnessed under oath to the Lord!

Congress of World Hmong People
James Her, President

Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous,
Gymbay Moua, International Spokesperson

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