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Chinese House Church Alliance Issues Call to House Churches

ICC Note:

The Chinese House Church Alliance has issued a public statement calling house churches in China to address the issues and compromises they are facing in the 21st century that have made them more vulnerable to the effects of persecution.


6/8/09 China (ChinaAid) On May 19, the Chinese House Church Alliance, a house church network of more than 250,000 members, issued a call to house churches across China. The public statement, “Chinese House Church Alliance on the Initiatives of Integration of House Churches in Life and Truth,” exposes and acknowledges problems the house churches are facing in the 21st century from within which make them more vulnerable to persecution, difficulties and moral compromise.

The following is the full text of the call from the Chinese House Church Alliance to house churches across China:

In the past 30 years, God has continuously been opening up the gate of the Gospel in China. The house churches in China quietly emerged and experienced a great revival at the end of the last century, which caught the attention of the church worldwide. However, after they entered the 21st century, many new problems and new directions have emerged as the house church movement continues to develop. They are mainly reflected in the following areas:

1. Leaders of house churches lack humility and a kingdom perspective. Regional separations are a serious issue.

2. Different backgrounds in faith and theological ideas have caused confusion regarding truth and created disputes in doctrine.

3. Some leaders of house churches are morally compromised, which has seriously affected the credibility of house churches.

The emergence of the above problems has dislocated the house churches from their foundation, so much so that they are rendered vulnerable to the impact of the persecution by outside forces, tribulations and temptations.

For these reasons, the Chinese Christian House Church Alliance proposes the following initiatives:

1. House churches should reject the disruption caused by various new schools of theological ideas and should return to the Bible and adhere to the pure faith with Apostles’ Creed as our basic principles.

2. House churches should contact each other in peace and strive to protect the hearts of one another through the fellowship and blessings of the Holy Spirit. We should all be connected to our supreme leader, Christ, establish ourselves in love and be integrated in life and truth.

3. House churches should follow the ways of Christ and regard Christ’s heart as our heart and discard the scepter of possessions and authority, and instead pursue the spiritual scepter. May the kingdom of God descend upon us,as we greet the second coming of Jesus Christ.

4. House churches should make progress hand in hand in this new era and establish spiritual organizations on the solid rock, so that house churches become the ever-burning golden lampstands in the hands of God. “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.”

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