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Degar Christians Arrested For Mourning and Praying for Destroyed Church Building

ICC Note:

A number of Degar Christians who gathered to mourn and pray over the recent demolition of a historic church were briefly arrested by police and ordered to stop fasting and praying. They were also warned never to tell anyone in the US that they have been forbidden from worshipping and praying to God.


6/4/09 Vietnam (MontagnardFoundation) As you might have read from our previous press release on May 27, 2009 regarding the destruction of the first Christian church constructed by the Indigenous Degar people in the Central Highlands, thousands of Degar people mourned this loss and entered a time of prayer for three days and three nights. The following press release is a report of the consequences of that mourning.

On May 1st of 2009, at the village of Buon Puortara, around 450 of our Christian brothers and sisters gathered to mourn the loss of their church and pray for three days and three nights. Because of this mourning and praying, the Vietnamese security police selectively summoned 12 people from among the 450 to their office in the communal village of Hoa Dong, district of Krong Pac in the province of Daklak on May 13, 2009 for questioning.

At this time, the Vietnamese security police did not harm any of these Degar Christians but we are afraid that, in the future, the Vietnamese government will find some other reasons to accuse them in order to murder them. Finally, all 12 of them were released at around 6:00 pm of that same day.

On the same date of May 13, 2009, the Vietnamese security police from the communal village of Ea Drong, district of Krong Pac in the province of Daklak summoned three of our Christian brothers from the village of Buon Krak (Y-Lue Buonkrong age 47, Y-Bin Mlo age 24 and Y-Bhem Mlo age 34) to their station for the same reason as the other Degars – that is, mourning and praying for their destroyed church. The police kept them at their station for 2 days and then released them on May 15, 2009. But, before they were released the police warned them that “From now on, do not fast and pray to your God anymore, and do not ever tell Degar who are living in the US that we have forbidden you from worshiping and praying to your God. Because of them, you people do not listen to our government.”

Clearly, the Vietnamese government is using fear techniques such as intimidation, arrests, torture and etcetera in order to force Degar Christians and people to endure its genocidal policies.

Tragically, it seems as if everyone has ignored our suffering and forgotten our people because we have nothing to offer in return. The only thing that we know for sure is that our Almighty God will not forsake us and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is standing at the Heavenly Gate with His arms open, ready to receive us into His Peaceful Kingdom.

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