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Clergyman and His Wife Killed in Machete Attack

ICC Note:

Although the motives and perpetrators are yet unclear, a Christian clergyman and his wife were found brutally murdered with machetes in their home in Manado over the weekend. Because nothing was stolen from the house, police believer that a financial motive was unlikely.


4/27/09 Indonesia (JakartaGlobe) A Christian clergyman and his wife were brutally murdered with machetes in Manado, the provincial capital of North Sulawesi, over the weekend, a local police chief said on Sunday.
Frans Koagow, 64, a resident of the Malalayang subdistrict of Manado, was found in his home with his head nearly severed from his body, while his wife, Femy Kumendong, 72, had her skull broken and face slashed.
Malalayang Police Chief AKP Anthony Wenno said police were still investigating the case and that the motive for the murders remained unclear.
“We haven’t identified the perpetrators yet, but we know that they were two men,” Anthony said, adding that nothing was stolen from the house so a financial motive for the murder was unlikely.

Shortly after they arrived at Frans’s house, it is believed that the two men killed Frans and his wife with machetes, the police chief said.
“We haven’t arrested any suspects yet since we’re still trying to identify the perpetrators and the motive for their actions,” he said. reported that Frans was a Pentecostal priest with the Indonesia Petra parish in Malalayang.

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