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American Christian Convert Flees Netherlands Amid Death Threats

ICC Note

Mr. Gabriel grew up a Muslim and even taught Islam at Al-Alzahr University , one of the most famous Islamic teaching institutions in the world. But he later converted to Christianity and fled to United States from Egypt . He received death threats during his recent visit to the Netherlands .

04/23/3009 Netherlands (BosNewslife)-Mark A. Gabriel left Monday, April 20, after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advised him to leave Europe, said Jewish-Christian pastor Ben Kok, who accompanied him to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport .

The 51-year-old Islam critic was to have stayed till at least April 25, said Kok in a statement to BosNewsLife’s Netherlands-based news partner

It was not immediately which group or persons were responsible for the threats.

Gabriel, which is not his real name, grew up as a Muslim in Egypt . However he reportedly became dissapointed in Islam while working as a teacher and imam at Cairo ‘s Al-Azhar University .

After he became a Christian, Gabriel fled to the United States where he received asylum.

It comes amid mounting concerns about the growing influence of Muslim extremism in Europe .