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Christian hostage beheaded by militants

ICC Note: Christian man had been taken hostage in a raid by Muslims on a village.

04/13/09 Manila, Philippines (AKI) – Suspected Muslim militants have beheaded one of two hostages captured last week in a raid on a Christian community in the southern Philippines, the military said on Monday.

Marines spokesman Capt. Neil Estrella said the body of Cosme Aballes was recovered Sunday by soldiers who are pursuing members of the militant separatist Abu Sayyaf group.

“He was nearly beheaded. His head and his body is joined merely by the skin,” Estrella said.

Aballes and Ernan Chavez were reportedly taken by at least 40 Abu Sayyaf and rogue members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front when the militants raided the village of Upper Arco in Basilan Province on Friday. Chavez is still being held captive… [Go To Full Story]