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Muslim Employer Brings Justice to Christian Employee’s Raped Daughter
Police Pressure Father to Drop Case

By Jawad Mazhar and Jeremy Sewall
04/14/09 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – As of April 6th, four of the six thieves who raped Naomi Rafiq, a Christian girl, had been arrested and imprisoned by the local police. While the local police have promised to track down the remaining two suspects, Naomi’s father says that he is being pressured by the police and elders of the neighboring town, where the thieves are from, to drop his lawsuit.

In answer to prayers and the protests of the Christian community of Cheecha Watni, Pakistan (see ICC’s report from February 17), police finally started an investigation into the rape and robbery after the Muslim employer of the victims filed a lawsuit against the suspects. Muhammad Akram Khan owns a brick kiln called Allah Waris Bricks Company and employs the Christian families that were robbed on January 10 (see ICC’s report of the robbery).

Khan told ICC that he “loves and takes care of his workers,” and said that the police will continue the investigation until they find the remaining two suspects.

The Sherriff of the police department, the Saddr Police Station in Cheecha Watni, told ICC that the suspects that police had apprehended so far are Muhammad Akram son of Abdul Majeed, Ibrar son of Abdul Majeed, Maqsood son of Sultan Ahmed and Nadir son of Hassan Ali. The Sherriff promised that these men would be punished and said that the police had recovered the stolen items and returned them to the Christian families.

However, Rafiq Masih, Naomi’s father, told ICC that these four suspects belong to influential Muslim families from a neighboring village, and that the police and elders of the village are issuing threats for him to drop his case against the rapists.

In another answer to prayer, Rafiq said that his daughter has physically recovered from her injuries. Please continue to pray for her emotional and mental recovery.

Jeremy Sewall, ICC’s Advocacy Director, said, “It is rare to find a Muslim employer who will treat Christian employees well in Pakistan, let alone come to their defense. While Naomi and her father still need prayer, it is an incredible answer to prayer that police have pursued the suspects to the extent that they have. Unfortunately, this only goes to show how much discrimination Christians normally face from the justice system in Pakistan.”