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GFA Worker Perseveres, Sees Fruit Amid Opposition

Gospel for Asia
04/04/09/09 SOUTH ASIA (ANS) — Gospel for Asia-supported worker Jayesh serves Jesus under the watchful eyes of several anti-Christian extremist groups that are active in his area. Yet even this environment has yielded fertile soil for the Good News to take root, and many of the people touched through Jayesh’s witness are now helping him share Christ’s love with others.

Recently, Jayesh and several other believers went to a nearby village to give out Gospel tracts. But they were stopped by a member of one of the local extremist groups, who confronted Jayesh, accusing him of trying to convert people to Christianity. The men said he was using “force or allurement” to obtain conversions, which is against the local law. The anti-Christian extremists prevented Jayesh and his team from distributing the tracts that day.

Jayesh and the congregation he leads cannot get rest from the radicals, even when they are having a worship service. The militants have barged in and shut down their services twice, claiming that the Christians were making too much noise.

Another time, when Jayesh and a few other GFA workers were showing a film on the life of Jesus, the leader of a local extremist group stopped the movie.

“We will not allow you to show Jesus’ film here, and if you want to show it, show it to your people [Christians], not us,” the extremist told Jayesh.

Yet in the midst of opposition, Jayesh has been faithful to stay in this place where God has led him. His wife, Chahna, is a wonderful help for his ministry. She goes with him on outreach and leads a Women’s Fellowship group so women can grow in their Christian faith and reach others with Christ’s love. She also heads up a Sunday school ministry.

And today, this determined couple has the joy of seeing 115 people worship the Lord who have encountered His love in a personal way. During recent months, 20 people publicly testified of their choice to follow Christ.

GFA leaders ask for prayer that the believers in this area will soon have a church building of their own. Currently, they meet in a small rented building where not everyone can fit. They also request prayer that the new believers will stand firm in their faith. Pray, also, for the ministry to continue to grow in their challenging area and for the Lord’s protection for Jayesh, Chahna and their three children.