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ICC Note:

A letter from a North Korean Christian received by Open Doors reminds us of the dire situation for believers in that country. Please remember North Korea Freedom Week April 26-May 2. Find more information at


4/8/09 North Korea (ChristianNewswire) “The current living conditions in our country are very bad. The price of rice continues to increase. Recently five women from our neighborhood were publicly executed; the youngest only age 28. Valuable lives have been lost. Their crime? Trying to survive by looking for food. After their execution, we were no longer allowed to trade at the market.”

That was a portion of a letter recently received by Open Doors from a Christian in North Korea.

A bill (the North Korea Sanctions and Diplomatic Non-recognition Act of 2009) will be introduced in Congress this month which requires that North Korea should support human rights, including religion rights, before the U.S. government enters possible diplomatic relations with the country. Passing the bill is critical to ensure the Obama administration makes human rights a priority in dealing with North Korea.

For more information on joining the lobbying and a list of NKFW events go to the North Korea Freedom Coalition Website at

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