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Ministry: North Korea Steps up Crackdown on Christians

ICC Note:

Open Doors reports on the situation of Christians in North Korea as the government seems to be stepping up their campaign to expose believers. In North Korea, “being found a Christian can result in public execution without trial…”


4/7/09 North Korea (ChristianPost) “North Korean authorities have stepped up their measure for exposing all underground church members by increasing surveillance,” Open Doors reported Monday.
Unlike neighboring China, which allows Christians to worship in state-sanctioned churches, North Korea prohibits all Christian activity, including private worship. All citizens are forced to adhere to a semi-personality cult that worships North Korea’s current dictator and his father.
No other religion is allowed under the totalitarian regime. Being found a Christian can result in public execution without trial or being thrown into the extremely harsh condition of concentration camps where torture is expected.

“The litany of abuses in well-documented – forced labor, political prisoners tortured in prison camps, sexual trafficking, thousands starving to death. And the abuses are increasing while the government sets its sights on developing a nuclear program.”
Moeller urged Christians and concerned citizens to be involved in the upcoming North Korea Freedom Week, April 26-May 2. During the campaign, participants will voice their concern to members of Congress, attend a protest at the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C., participate in a rally at Capitol Hill, and pray for the freedom of North Koreans.

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