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Orissa: murderer of missionary Graham Staines runs for election

ICC Note: The man sentenced to life in prison for murdering a missionary has the audacity to run for election on an anti-Christian agenda.

by Nirmala Carvalho
04/06/09 Bhubaneshwar, India (AsiaNews) – Dara Singh, responsible for the murder of the Australian Protestant missionary Graham Stewart Staines, is a candidate for the upcoming provincial elections in Orissa, in the district of Keonjhar.

The supporters of Dara, whose real name is Rabindra Kumar Pal, have presented him as an independent candidate for the legislative assembly of Ghasipura. Dara was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of leading the group that in the village of Manoharpur, on the night of June 22, 1999, set fire to the station wagon of Graham Staines, killing the Australian lay missionary and his two sons, Philip, 7, and Timothy, 9… [Go To Full Story]