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Vatican’s “sadness” over arrest of Bishop Jia Zhiguo

ICC Note:

The Vatican Commission for the Church in China has expressed its dismay over the recent arrest of Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo and for the general lack of religious freedom in the country.


4/2/09 China (AsiaNews) Profound sadness” over the latest arrest of Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo (in the photo), and for the situation of other bishops and priests who are “deprived of their freedom” has been expressed by the Vatican Commission for the Church in China, which gathered from March 30 to April 1, and yesterday afternoon held a session together with Benedict XVI.

The final statement, published today by the Vatican press office, recalls that this lack of freedom is not “an isolated case,” and cites “other ecclesiastics,” such as many official bishops and priests, “who are subjected to undue pressure and limitations on their pastoral activities.”

For a long time, the Vatican had not explicitly mentioned the names and situations of persecution in China, although last year, Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong, invited by the pontiff to write the meditations for the Via Crucis at the Colosseum, had dwelt upon the issue of China at length, but without mentioning the country by name.

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