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Disabled Copt Blackmailed into Conversion to Islam

ICC Note

Muslims forced an Egyptian Christian to convert to Islam after he failed to pay debt he owed to his employer.

By Nader Shukry

04/02/2009 Egypt (Voice of the Copts)-A physically disabled Coptic man, was forced to convert to Islam through blackmail by Muslims. He was given two choices either to convert to Islam or the immediate settlement of a debt owed.

The Muslim lender tried to kidnap the man’s wife, leading her to escape away from the region.

Handicapped 30-year-old Ezzat Adel Marzook from Deirot, Assuit, who suffers from a feet disability, was offered work by a Muslim, provided he used a “Tuktuk” (a cabin compartment attached to a motorcycle) due to his disability.

After a couple of months, his Muslim employer asked for the full repayment of the debt, and gave him the choice “either payment or conversion to Islam”!!!

When Ezzat was unable to pay the full amount, a group of Muslim thugs, detained him inside their house, and went after his wife Hanan Radi also, who quickly fled from the region after learning of her kidnap attempt.

Meanwhile Muslims,have pasted on the walls all over town, the shameful news of the Copt’s conversion and the story of his debt.

Local Copts, feel angry about the inhumane way of using a poor handicapped man’s misfortune to force his conversion to Islam as a way out of debt, besides terrorizing his wife. They expressed their concern over the negative attitude of the Deirot police, which is not interfering to avert a possible outbreak of sectarian strife which is being ignited by Muslim fanatics.

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