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Court issues verdict on 3 Farsi-speaking Christians in Shiraz

ICC Note

An Iranian court passed 8 months suspended sentence and 5 years of probation on three Christian converts from Islam.

03/25/2009 Iran (FCNN)-According to reports first published by the Farsi Christian New Network (FCNN), 3 newly converted Christians in the city of Shiraz were arrested and detained by security intelligence officers in May 11, 2008. Subsequently, charges were laid against Seyed Allaedin Hussein, Homayoon Shokouhi, and Seyed Amir Hussein Bob-Annari and the revolutionary court of Shiraz, after 6 separate court sessions from the time of their arrest and detention, finally issued its verdict on March 10, 2009 and found all three guilty of cooperation with anti-government movements ( the 24 hours Christian TV stations known as the Love Television, and the Salvation TV), the propagation of the Christian gospel, and sentenced them to 8 months suspended prison sentence and 5 years of probation.

The judge added in his comments that if these individuals are ever discovered to continue with their Christian activities and if they ever speak of their faith and propagate the gospel, their 8 months suspended sentence will be enforced and they will be arrested and tried as apostates.

Also, it was mentioned at the end of the court proceedings that these 3 individuals are forbidden from contacting each other during this period.

Our reader are reminded that these 3 individuals, along with their families, who were on their way to attend a Christian conference in Dubai, were arrested by the security intelligence officers at the Shiraz airport and the families were able to escape formal charges by posting a bond with the government.