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Jordan Militants Get Heavy Sentence for Church Bomb Plot

ICC Note

Three Islamist extremists are sentenced for more than 22 years imprisonment after they attempted to bomb a Church in Jordan .

By Ethan Cole

03/17/2009 Jordan (The Christian Post)- Jordan ’s military court sentenced on Monday three Jordanian extremists to 22 1/2 years in jail for a plot to bomb a Catholic church last May.

The judge explained that he gave the two-decade sentence because he believes the bomb plot itself, even if it failed, was a “danger to the state and its people,” according to The Associated Press.

In general, Jordan is known to be a moderate Muslim country despite being located in the Middle East and having a more than 90 percent Sunni Muslim population. Christians are estimated to make up only about four to six percent of the population.

But last year a U.S. State Department report warned that Jordan as well as Sunni-dominated Algeria in northern Africa – both countries with traditionally respectable religious freedom records – are new spots of Islamic fundamentalism and religious intolerance.

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