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Hope Lives Despite Orissa Dangers

ICC Note

“The persecution in Orissa is still prevailing, and the Christians are not safe even today.”

02/25/2009 India (ANS)-Gospel for Asia missionary Ojas Ganj can only see out of one eye today. On February 19, four anti-Christian extremists beat him severely, inflicting multiple wounds including an eye injury. This was the second time fanatics attacked him this year, both times in his village in Orissa , India . For the past two years, Orissa has been India ’s most dangerous state for Christians.

“A Christian named Hruday Nayak was killed by Hindu fanatics two days ago,” wrote GFA’s correspondent in the area. “The persecution in Orissa is still prevailing, and the Christians are not safe even today.”

Ojas has worked in this village for the past four years and serves as pastor of a church. Although Ojas is only 26 years old, he has already faced opposition several times in his short ministry. When the worst wave of persecution broke out in Orissa last August, fanatics started threatening him. Ojas’s wife and daughter are with him in his mission field.

But Ojas is not likely to give up anytime soon. Even the fact that he can see through one eye is a miracle. When Ojas was five years old, he completely lost his eyesight. His non-Christian family tried everything to help him, but he ended up going to blind school through eighth grade.

When his mother heard of a Christian prayer meeting nearby, she took Ojas. He was intrigued and started listening to the GFA Radio broadcast in his language. One day, he prayed along with the radio speaker, and the Lord restored his sight. Since then, Ojas has believed in Jesus as the one true God and committed his life to serve the Lord.

Ojas asks for your prayers that he and his family will stand strong for the Lord no matter how tough the situation gets. He asks for prayer, too, for safety and encouragement for his family and the believers he works with. Also pray for the Lord to heal his eye again.