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Somali clerics call for rule of Islamic law

ICC Note

The new government of Somalia is coming under pressure to rule the country according to the Islamic laws. Islamic laws violate basic rights such as freedom of religion of Christians and other non-Muslims. The applications of the law in Somalia means Muslims could be killed for converting to Christianity.

By Abdi Guled

02/19/2009 Somalia (Reuters) – Somali religious leaders have given the new government 120 days to declare that the Horn of Africa country will be ruled according to Islamic law, a cleric said on Thursday.

A meeting of more than 100 mainly moderate clerics in the battle scarred capital also said African Union (AU) troops in Mogadishu should be withdrawn by the same deadline and no other foreign troops brought in.

It was not clear what actions they would take if the deadlines were not met.

Somalia ‘s new president, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, faces the herculean task of bringing peace to Somalia for the first time in 18 years after being elected by parliament last month.

The main threat to stability comes from al Shabaab, which is on Washington ‘s list of foreign terrorists. The hardline Islamists and allied groups control much of southern and central Somalia and want to impose their strict version of Islamic law.

“Within 120 days the Somali parliament must convene and announce that the country will be ruled according to Islamic law,” said Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Salad, head of Somali Uluma Council for Correction and Reconciliation.

But he said it should be the more moderate Islamic law — not the strict version that al Shabaab fighters want to impose throughout the country. Nearly all Somalis are Sunni Muslims.

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