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California Resident Peng Ming Writes to His Family from Chinese Prison

ICC Note:

Peng Ming, an imprisoned Christian human rights and democracy activist, shared a letter he wrote his parents and friends on January 22 with ChinaAid. Despite being an official UN Refugee, Ming was imprisoned in China after Chinese agents kidnapped him during a trip to Thailand to visit his parents. He is now serving a life sentence for “terrorists activities.”


2/18/09 China (ChinaAid) ChinaAid received a letter from imprisoned Christian human rights and democracy activist Peng Ming which he sent to his family on January 22, 2009. He is serving a life sentence in China, even though he is an official UN Refugee with transitional permanent resident refugee status in California, USA.

While travelling to visit his elderly parents in Thailand, Peng Ming, 52, was lured to Myanmar and kidnapped at gunpoint by eight Chinese special agents in May 2004, then taken to China where he was sentenced to life in prison in October 2005, charged with engaging in terrorism activities.

Peng Ming’s letter dated January 22, 2009:

Dear Dad and Mom, Pastor Chen, Wu, Zhang, Fu and Gao:

How are you doing? I am so glad to say “Happy Chinese New Year” with Spring Festival on the way. I hope you have good health, happiness and great faith. God has always been blessing you and me.

As requested by my dear parents, I should hold such an attitude to deal with the current situation. I have completely eliminated the anxiety and loneliness, calmly, enriched to spend every day.

As for my suffering, in fact, God put me to the test. Looking back [on] the history of religious leaders, such as Confucius, Sakyamuni, Moses, Jesus, Paul and so on, who has not been through trials and tribulations? I firmly believe that God will use me.

About the current economic crisis in United States, I read an article a few days ago, entitled “The [more intense the} economic recession, the more Americans believe Jesus.” Which provides evidence for my point of view: God gave alert to the world through the economic crisis, especially for Americans.

Pastor Wu said: “God has prepared the opportunity for us to serve Him.” I have received this gift in my spirit, I deeply believe it. I also believe that you are grateful for my opportunity. Pastor Chan said: “God has arranged every detail in every individual’s life.”

Since his imprisonment, Peng Ming has developed a severe case of kidney stones and has suffered a massive heart attack. He received no medical treatment from prison staff. These and other health issues are compounded by prison officials who continue to afflict Mr. Peng with sleep deprivation and malnourishment. To date, Peng Ming has been without proper medical attention for more than four years.

In June of 2007, an urgent appeal was sent to Chinese officials from the United Nations Human Rights Council; Working Group for Arbitrary Detention. The Working Group established that Mr. Peng Ming is an official UN Refugee and would be granted permanent alien resident status from the USA.

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