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British missionary’s Gambian jail sentence could be extended

ICC Note

David and Fiona Fulton were successful missionaries who preached the gospel among Muslims in the Gambia . They are currently serving one years imprisonment after officials in the Gambia charged them with crime of sedition. Gambian officials have brought additional charges against David and he could face 18 more months in prison. Gambia is a Muslim majority country located in West Africa .

02/17/2009 Gambia ( –The British missionary David Fulton, who is already serving a one-year sentence of hard labour for criticising Gambia ‘s president, was on Monday charged with forgery and impersonating an officer.

If convicted Fulton could face an additional prison sentence of up to a 18 months.

Prosecutors say that some time in 2007 and 2008 Fulton gave a false administration number “with intent to defraud” and falsely presented himself as a military officer by wearing a military uniform.

A gaunt-looking Fulton appeared in court on Monday but did not enter a plea to the new charges, instead asking for an adjournment to talk with his lawyer. Judge Lamin George then suspended the case until Mar 3.

They pleaded guilty to charges of sedition, or inciting resistance to lawful authority, for having criticised Gambia in a series of round-robin emails related to their Christian missionary work in the predominantly Muslim state.

On Dec 30 they were sentenced to one year in prison with hard labour and a fine, becoming the first foreigners to be jailed for sedition in Gambia , a country often criticised for its human rights record.

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