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Somalia : President Ready to Practice Sharia Law

ICC Note

The new president of Somalia pledges to implement Sharia law in the country. Sharia law violates basic human rights such as freedom of religion of Christians.

Ahmednor Mohamed Farah

02/09/2009 Somalia ( Somalia ‘s newly elected president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed told Monday Islamist leaders and commanders of government forces that he was ready to practice the Sharia law.

Mr. Ahmed called for international aid and urged civilians uprooted by two years of fighting to return home

The newly-elected leader had said he would form an inclusive government and extend a hand to armed groups still opposed to the UN-sponsored reconciliation effort.

Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, the young cleric and former opposition leader, was elected as Somali’s president in Djibouti , but he faces a daunting task of bringing change to the war- torn nation of Somalia , which has not had a central government for eighteen years.

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