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An Iranian Christian Rearrested and Taken to Unknown Place

ICC Note

Iranian officials rearrested Mr. Karimi, a Christian convert from Islam, in January 2009. His conditions and whereabouts are not known.

02/13/2009 Iran (FCNN)-Hossein Karimi, a 27-year-old and a Christian convert from Islam, was arrested the morning of Friday January 30th, 2009. The Secret Agents raided his home without any legal jurisdiction and he has been detained at an unknown location.

After a thorough search and inspection the agents also detained all Christian resources, literatures, along with any computer devices.

In spite of constant pursue of the family and friends to find Hossein Karimi’s whereabouts, the Iranian Intelligence Agency refused to give any answer on his condition or location. To this day, no news has been released about his status. As a result, his family especially his mother is feeling devastated.

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