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After sentence, prisoner’s wife boldly challenges judge

ICC Note:

The wife of an imprisoned Chinese believer is calling for the removal of a judge who refused to accept a lawsuit in the case of her husband who was sentenced to one year of “re-aducation through labor” for organizing a house church gathering in December of 2007.


2/16/09 China (BaptistPress) The wife of a Chinese believer imprisoned for his faith has filed an unprecedented court motion calling for the presiding judge in the case to be removed. Tong Houyong and two other Christian men were each sentenced to one year of “re-education through labor” for organizing an “illegal gathering” of house church Christians in December 2007.

The motion to dismiss the chief justice alleges the court had no legal basis to refuse the case, violated the law by refusing to provide receipts documenting the lawsuit had been filed and violated legal procedure by causing a long delay without making a decision on the case.

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