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Hope Comes to Myanmar
2/12/09 Burma (ANS) In a country ridden with political struggles, economic strife and natural disasters, it would seem there’s little room for optimism. Severe flooding and rat infestations have plagued the landscape, ushering in death, disease and famine. But for a growing number of people in Myanmar, a ray of hope has come and they are joyous despite all the hardships they endure.
Gospel for Asia native missionary Than Dara has a burning desire to share the one true Hope with the desperate people of his nation. Knowing their pain—because he has gone through the trials alongside them—he cannot keep quiet about the Savior who gives him strength to face every new day. And as a result of his passionate witness and outpouring of love, many people in Myanmar are choosing to follow Christ.
Putting his own difficulties aside, Than visits villagers in their homes, distributes tracts, prays for those in need and shares about Jesus with those who need encouragement. For many who cried out to their gods but received nothing but silence, they are thrilled to hear about a God who really cares about their situations.
Although they know that things may not be physically better in their lives on earth, many people are deeply comforted to know that in eternity they have a bright future. Than has reached his village as well as several neighboring villages with this message of hope.
Recently, 17 new believers publicly professed their choice to walk with Jesus. Ranging from young to old, they had one thing in common—they rejoiced in their newfound faith.
Than feels tremendously blessed that he is able to bring a fresh, encouraging perspective to those who are deeply hurting in Myanmar. He is thankful that so many are turning to Jesus to be their strength.
Than requests prayer that many more people will see that Jesus truly cares for them, and that the kingdom of God will flourish and bring joy to his entire country. He also asks for prayer for the 17 new believers, that they will continue to grow in their faith.