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Islamic media campaign against Catholic newspaper, which cannot defend itself

ICC Note:

The Islamic media in Malaysia has launched a campaign against the Catholic newspaper which is fighting for the right to use “allah” to refer to God.


2/6/09 Malaysia (AsiaNews) The Catholic newspaper of the diocese of Kuala Lumpur, the Herald, is undergoing a campaign of insults and criticism because of its use of the word “Allah.”

Recently, since February 1, Utusan has started publishing an article every day insulting the Catholic newspaper and accusing it of proselytism. It is trying to stir up outrage among the Muslim population over the use of the word “Allah” in reference to the Christian God, and is accusing the publication of wanting to ruin the nation.

The diocese has sued the government, and is waiting for a verdict from the High Court because it maintains that the ban is a violation of religious freedom and expression, guaranteed by the Constitution.

According to observers, the media campaign against the Herald is aimed at provoking Christians to create tension and conflict, which would support the stance of the Interior Security Ministry.

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