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Son La, where the Communist Party encourages pagan religions against Christians

ICC Note:

Communist authorities in Vietnam have taken up an interesting battle against minority Montagnards: trying to force them to return to their pagan rituals and beliefs as a way of fighting Christianity in the villages. Officials have gone so far as to play the role of wizards and sorcerors to dominate the spiritual lives of the citizens.


2/5/09 Vietnam (AsiaNews) In the province of Sơn La, a mountain region in the far north-west corner of Vietnam on the border with Laos, the Communist government is engaged in a violent campaign to eradicate Christianity.

Once inspired by Marxism-Leninism, the authorities are now fighting Christianity by trying to force the faithful to re-embrace their ancient pagan beliefs, with party officials playing the role of wizards and sorcerers, bent on dominating the spiritual life of the Montagnards.

But the authorities are meeting stiff resistance. Locals are not showing much interest towards giving up their faith in exchange of government handouts.

Even though they are the poorest families, they have been denied government help, have seen their movement restricted, and have been prevented from receiving visitors without police supervision. Their neighbours now ostracise them.

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