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Two Coptic Christians Arrested in the Cairo International Book Fair on charges of distribution of the Holy Gospels!

ICC Note

Egypt has continued discriminating against Christians in the country. In the latest such discriminatory act, the Egyptian officials detained two Christians for distributing Bibles at an International Book Fair.

By-Nader Shoukry

01/03/2009 Egypt (U.S Copts Association)-Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights asked the state security for rapid release of the young Christians: Mina Adel Shawki and Essam Kedees Nassif who were detained when they were in Cairo International Book Fair yesterday on charges of distributing Holy Bibles.

Mr. Naguib Noted that the State Security had arrested both on charges of distributing Bibles and were considered to be the charge of preaching and Gabriel contacted the state security and asked them to release the arrested young Christians for fear of escalating the matter to sectarian events .

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