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Clash over use of allah

ICC Note:

An update on the debate over the use of the word ‘allah’ in Malaysia. The issue is currently before the High Court as the Catholic Church seeks the right to continue to use the word to refer to God.


2/2/09 Malaysia (StraitsTimes) Two Malaysian Cabinet members are at odds over the use of the word ‘Allah’ by a Catholic publication.

The issue is now before the High Court with the Catholic Church seeking a ruling on the right to continue using the word.

‘So it is a universal terminology used in the Christian world when they are praying in their vernacular language. There is no reason for the Home Ministry to continue harassing the Catholic Herald,’ The Malaysian Insider reported him as saying.

‘This is Malaysia. Do not equate us with another country. We are an Islamic country as stated in the Constitution,’ he said, adding that there was a hidden agenda to use the word ‘Allah’ in the Herald, the Catholic publication.

‘Don’t play with fire and challenge the Muslims. We are willing to do anything to protect our religion,’ he warned.

Muslims have long feared that Christian groups are bent on preaching and converting followers of Islam. They see the use of the word ‘Allah’ as a subtle way of spreading Christianity to Muslims – a charge church leaders have dismissed.

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