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Update from Hua Zaichen’s Family

ICC Note:

An update on the condition of Hua Zaichen, the 91-year-old Christian who has been denied his request to see his imprisoned wife before he dies, despite the fact that he is very ill and his wife only has 10 days left of her sentence that was based on false charges.


1/29/09 China (ChinaAid) The family of Hua Zaichen, 91, who was hospitalized on January 28, spoke with ChinaAid contacts on behalf of their father to express his gratitude for the prayers and the pressure from the international community and to report that this pressure is having impact on the authorities. Beijing officials have continually refused to allow Hua Zaichen to meet with his imprisoned wife, Shuang Shuying, 79, even though he is dying and his wife has only 10 days left of her two-year sentence based on fabricated charges.

A letter of thanks to brethren around the world — January 29, 2009

I, Hua Huiqi, a brother in Christ, sincerely appreciate all the brethren for your concern. Since my father Hua Zaichen became sick again in mid-December 2008, you have been praying for him. Many brothers and sisters have sent greetings. My family and I are very grateful for your prayers and care. My father has received medical treatment, but his health has been getting worse day by day. On the afternoon of January 28, 2009, he had a sudden shock, and then began to fall unconscious. We received notice that he was in “critical condition” from the hospital. Many brothers and sisters have been praying for my father. At 1:00 p.m. on 29th, my father’s heartbeat gradually stabilized. Now, he is still in the hospital for observation. Please continue to pray for him. I hope he can finally have a chance to see my mother, even if only a glance.

Thank you again, my dear brothers and sisters around the world.

Love in Christ,
Brother Hua Huiqi

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