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Ministry Helps Fleeing Iraqi Families

ICC Note

Iraqi Christians are disproportionately affected by the violence in the country. They are victims of persecution by criminal gangs and Islamic extremists. Hundred of thousands of Iraqi Christians have left their homes due to persecution they faced.

By Russ Jones

01/17/2009 Iraq (CBN News) – More than 2 million Iraqis, including Christians, have fled their country seeking a safe and secure place to raise their families.

Nine-year-old Ghadeer Husin is one such child who has seen the devastation of war. She has studied English and various other subjects since leaving Iraq with her mother four years ago.

Not knowing whether her father is dead or alive, she is among the thousands of refugees who’ve left Iraq and crossed the border into Jordan fleeing the escalation of violence.

Jordan Overflows with Iraqis

Once a teacher in Baghdad , Jackeen Mausnr, who is also a Christian, now teaches at Al-bawsel Community Center in Zarqa , Jordan –an informal education program operated by World Vision.

There she helps Iraqi children try to overcome their experiences back home.

Some 2 million Iraqis have sought refuge in neighboring countries, fleeing the insecurity and violence of their homeland. Children are the most vulnerable among the war-affected population.

World Vision Declares Emergency

In March 2007, World Vision declared the Iraqi refugee crisis a “category three” emergency. In September 2008, the group was formally recognized by the Jordanian government as an NGO.


Iraqis Keep Hope

“There are many who do want to go back home, but there are a lot who have just had enough [and] prefer to be resettled elsewhere,” Satow said.

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