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Mogadishu Violence Claims 35 Lives

ICC Note

Islamic extremists are fighting to take over the power in Somalia . The Islamists are bent-on forming Islamic state where Christians and other non-Muslims are not tolerated.

01/22/2009 Somalia (The Media Line)-Clashes between Somali government forces and Islamist rebels claimed the lives of at least 35 people in southern Mogadishu over the last three days, Iran ’s Press TV reported.

The renewed fighting occurred a few days after Ethiopian troops, who came to aid of the Somali government in January 2007, left the country.

More than 7,000 families escaped the southern districts of the capital, where the violence erupted.

Islamist fighters in Somalia , many of whom are affiliated with A-Shabab Al-Mujahidun, have regained control over most of central and southern Somalia , including entire districts in the capital itself.

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