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Pastor Bike Forced Out of Beijing by More Than a Dozen PSB Officers

ICC Note:

Pastor “Bike” Zhang was again forcibly escorted from Beijing on Friday (Jan. 16) by more than a dozen Public Security Bureau officers. Pastor Bike was visiting in the home of Pastor Hua Huiqi due to the illness of Pastor Hua’s father.


1/16/09 China (ANS) More than a dozen Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers this morning (Jan.16), evening time in China, forcibly escorted Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan from Pastor Hua Huiqi’s home in Beijing and put him on a bus to Henan province. Authorities refuse to allow Pastor Bike and his family to stay in Beijing.

ChinaAid says this is the most recent in a series of actions against Pastor Bike by government authorities.

The human rights group says: “Pastor Bike called ChinaAid from the bus. He said he went Pastor Hua’s home to visit Pastor Hua’s father, Hua Zaichen, 91 who is dying. Hua Zaichen’s wife, Shuang Shuying, 79, is in prison and authorities refuse to allow her to see her husband. Pastor Bike was praying for Hua Zaichen when the government officials broke into the house.”

The group adds: “Pastor Bike also met two Uyghur Muslim human rights petitioners from Xinjiang province at Pastor Hua’s home. The two women were there to ask for Pastor Hua’s help about where they should go to petition the government. They said corrupt government officials confiscated their land. Pastor Bike told us he shared the gospel with them.”

ChinaAid thanks all who continue to be concerned for Pastor Bike and his family. Please watch for the latest updates.