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Christians growing tense in Iraq

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Iraqi Christians fear that they will face widespread persecution following the execution-style killing of a Christian.

01/16/2009 Iraq (UPI) – A member of the Christian church was killed execution-style in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul , prompting renewed concern over targeted killings, sources say.

Police discovered the body of a 36-year-old male with multiple bullet wounds to the head Thursday in Mosul , creating tension in the Christian community in the north of Iraq , Christian news agency AsiaNews reported Friday.

Sources to the news organization say a Christian male was kidnapped Jan. 1 in Mosul and was tortured by his captors for four days before his release on a $50,000 ransom.

Members of the Christian community in Iraq witnessed a spate of targeted killings beginning in October 2008. U.N. and international aid groups said the violence forced roughly half of the Christian population in the north to flee the area.

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