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A Glance at Philippine Kidnappings

ICC Note:

A quick glance at major kidnappings in the southern Philippines that have been attributed to Abu Sayyaf and other groups. The list of victims includes a number of Christians.


1/16/09 Philippines (GMANews) A look at major kidnappings in the southern Philippines attributed to the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf and other armed groups. Three international Red Cross workers — a Swiss, an Italian and a Filipino — were abducted on Jolo island on Thursday.
— March 2000: More than 50 school children, teachers and a Roman Catholic priest are kidnapped on southern Basilan island. The priest is tortured and killed while two male teachers are beheaded. The others escaped or are rescued by troops.

— July 2000: 12 members of a Christian evangelical group are kidnapped while visiting an Abu Sayyaf camp to pray for the release of foreign hostages. They walk free after ransom is paid.

— June 2007: Italian priest, Giancarlo Bossi, is kidnapped and held for 39 days.

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