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Pakistani Muslim Desecrates Christian Graves

01/14/09 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – ICC has just learned about an ongoing situation where a Muslim landowner in Pakistan has dug up a Christian cemetery and has been using the land to grow wheat and sugarcane. Christians in his village have not challenged him in the courts because he has been known to give bribes to local officials and they are afraid he would retaliate violently.

Muhammad Abbas Ali and his companions demolished a Christian graveyard in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan, about ten years ago. By law, cemetery land cannot be used for any other purpose and cannot be bought by a private citizen. Cemeteries are considered public land, but the Land and Revenue Department responsible for enforcing this law has remained silent for years while Ali cultivates crops over Christian graves.

ICC visited Ali’s illegitimate farm, but Ali and his coworkers attempted to stop ICC from taking photos. When asked for a comment, Ali refused to respond. ICC’s correspondent was able to take a few pictures of the farm and observed that the Muslim graveyard in the village remained untouched.

Rasheed Jalal, a Christian Rights activist, told ICC, “Pakistani Christians are persecuted in their day to day life but now the Christian dead bodies are not even spared from persecution. It’s a series of never ending sufferings of Christians in the country.”

Too afraid to ask for their cemetery back, Christians have been burying their dead in a neighboring village. The obvious lack of justice has even caused some Muslim neighbors to take action against Ali. Muhammad Yasir filed a case against Ali two months ago with the District Coordination Officer of Toba Tek Singh, but has received no response.

Tomorrow (January 14), Yasir has an appointment with the District Coordination Officer to discuss the facts of the case.

The exact location of the graveyard is in Chak # 314 J.B, Tehsil Gojra, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan.

Please contact the Pakistani embassy in your country and ask them to take action against Muhammad Abbas Ali and other unscrupulous landowners like him.

Pakistan Embassies:

USA: (202) 243-6500, [email protected]
Canada: (613) 238-7881, [email protected]
UK: 0870-005-6967, [email protected]