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God Loves Muslims!

ICC Note

Persecution of Christians is prevalent in Muslim dominated parts of the world. Despite the persecution, Christians are called to love those who hate them and pray for people who persecute them.

By Dan Wooding

01/07/2009 Islam (ANS) — “How would Jesus respond to Muslims? We know how. He would treat them like he treated the Samaritan woman at the well, the Roman centurion who came to Him for help, and the tax collectors and prostitutes. Jesus would treat Muslims like he treated Simon the Zealot – the Zealots were urban terrorists of the day – he would invite him to follow Him! Jesus would treat Muslims like he treats you and me. With love, respect, and huge compassion and amazing grace.”

So wrote Floyd McClung, a father of modern missions and a leader at Youth With A Mission for many years, in his latest blog found at Floyd now lives with his wife Sally in South Africa where he helps run All Nations (

McClung went on to say, “One of the greatest challenges we face as followers of Jesus in today’s world is how to respond to Muslims and violence in the Middle East . Some believers are fearful that Muslims are our enemy and are ‘out to destroy our way of life.’

“Should we circle the wagons in alarm and fear? Should we warn everyone how bad Muslims are and alert people of their plots to ‘destroy our nation,’ as one American believer said to me?

“No fear! No hatred! No, none for us who follow Jesus. We have a calling from God to love Muslims. They are not our enemy. The real enemy wants us to see people as our enemy.”

McClung said that we should respond in the following ways:

1. Pray with love – ask God for that love if you don’t have it

2. Believe God with faith – believe God to reveal Jesus to every sincere seeker and to those who don’t seek!

3. Give sacrificially – give your life to go and give your finances to help others go

He added, “Let’s up the ante, shall we? Let’s call the enemies bluff. He has not power except that which people give him. Let’s meet fear with faith, hatred with love, and cowardice with compassion. Let’s be like Jesus!

“A close friend, Carl Medearis, has written one of the best books you will ever read about Islam. It is titled ‘Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships.’”

He concluded by saying that if you want to give, please send a contribution to All Nations and “partner with us to prepare workers for the Muslim world.” To send your gift, make out a check to All Nations and send it to:

All Nations Support

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