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Court comes to Christians’ aid

01/09/09 India (morungexpress) – Following a ruling by the Karnataka High Court, churches razed and damaged in the communal upheaval from Hindu fundamentalist in Karnataka, would be compensated by the government. Twelve churches which were earlier shut down have also been reopened while false cases lodged against pastors by Hindu bigots have been withdrawn, it was informed.

Commenting on the development today, the All India Christian Council has said it is rejoicing that there still exists democracy. According to the AICC in a message today, the high court was ‘very hard’ on one of the area’s collectors. “In a democratic country, no one has power to stop any one worshiping according to one’s own faith. One’s faith can be a church or any other worship centre” the high court of Karnataka is quoted to have said.

“Today AICC rejoices with the believers in Davanagere and throughout Karnataka for the victory that is there for the democracy that is in our state and country. Twelve churches that have been closed are opened now and the churches that have been burned, Government may compensated” the AICC said.

With the AICC, a group of pastors and the believers from Davanagere had earlier lodged a writ petition in the High Court of Karnataka in Bangalore. For last four and half moths about twelve churches in Davanagere of central district of Karnataka have been locked up, forced by communal forces. Groups like RSS and Bhajarang Dal had taken to assaulting believers, pastors and set fire to churches. “They also have given false accusations upon pastors and registered the cases. As a result there was no gathering for the church believers and they lived under fear” the AICC said.

“And all the cases that have been lodged falsely against pastors have been withdrawn with immediate effect of the court verdict. Before the court, the public prosecutor has agreed to extend protection to the Christians and the minorities in Karnataka state,” the AICC stated.