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Protest against ‘attack’ on churches

ICC Note: This is an update on a story posted January 5, but adds information about a third church that was attacked on Sunday.

01/06/09 Karachi, Pakistan (The News) – In reaction to the alleged attack on three churches across the city, the All-Pakistan Minorities Alliance and Pakistan Minorities Front organised a protest on Monday outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC). The Christ Awami Church located in Rasool Shah Colony within the Boat Basin police limits was attacked twice; a church in Zia Colony in Korangi was also attacked, while a third protestant church in Golimar was attacked on Sunday.

Pakistan Minorities Front Chairman Michael Javaid (also a former MPA) said that the R.P. Church in Golimar was attacked on Sunday night allegedly by a group of Baloch men who threatened the Christians present in the church at the time. The police intervened, however, and prevented the church from being destroyed.

“These attacks are being carried out in reaction to Israel’s air strikes on Gaza,” claimed Javaid while talking to The News after the protest. He said that the Christian community in Karachi and across the country condemns the attacks on Gaza and has no links whatsoever with the US. “This is not the first time Christians in Pakistan have faced the repercussions of international events, but desecrating the Holy Bible will not be tolerated by the community,” he said.

During the attack on Christ Awami Church, unidentified men smashed windows of the church, broke a cross on the wall, damaged hymn books and dumped garbage in the premises of the church. An FIR was lodged the following day at the Boat Basin police station after immense pressure and protests from the community… [Go To Full Story]