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Members of Congress Urge Deputy Secretary Negroponte to Prioritize Religious Freedom During This Week’s Visit to China

ICC Note:

Members of Congress are urging Deputy Secretary John Negroponte to address human rights and religious freedom on his visit to China later this week.


1/6/09 China (ChinaAid) Later this week, Deputy Secretary John Negroponte will visit China. This celebration of the 30th anniversary of US-Sino diplomatic relations is a vital time to reinforce a key U.S. priority – religious freedom, especially in light of the increased persecution of house church Christians.

ChinaAid commends the courageous stance taken today by eight Members of Congress . . . who wrote to Deputy Secretary Negroponte, urging him to address the issue of religious freedom as an important part of his visit:

“ We urge you to publicly address the importance of human rights and religious freedom with Chinese officials, and to request the immediate cessation of unjust and inhumane acts toward people of faith. We also urge you to further demonstrate the importance of human rights by meeting with families of imprisoned religious adherents, visiting an unregistered church, and consulting with leading Chinese intellectuals who are calling for increased religious freedom. Central to a country’s reputation abroad is its ability to keep promises to its own people. ”

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